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The difference between a Mood Media account and a Pandora account Media and would like to get up and running, please refer to this Quick Start Guide.

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23 Feb 2012 Visit to learn more. 9 Jun 2015 DMX Profusion Icon Model 2010 Commercial Media Player Tested playing audio Ebay Showcase Sold! Pop Punk Picker's Ebay Demos. DMX MOOD PROFUSION iS PLAYER (SERVICE REQUIRED WITH Replacement Players are ordered directly through MOOD Media Music Guide. Wi-Fi Setup Guide USING YOUR DMX PROFUSION is FOR ProFusion is CUSTOMER SUPPORT TM MOOD: ProFusion is Pandora WI-FI SETUP GUIDE  Mood's Control Site puts control of your ProFusion devices at your fingertips. details including links to tutorial videos and the Mood Control Site User Guide,  DMX MUSIC Field Operations Manual Profusion D Page 1 of 14 Installation and User Manual Do not use ProFusion D if it has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or immersed in water. User Guide - Mood Media Pandora for Business.

Note: Do not hold in the Power button when powering ProFusion XS on or off. 2. Power LED This green LED will remain solid while ProFusion XS is powered on. 3. Navigation Buttons The UP, DOWN, LEFT and Right buttons are used to navigate the…

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4, TROUBLESHOOTING: PROFUSION X. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10, NO POWER. 11. 12, ♪, Verify that the power cord is firmly in place in the rear of the ProFusion X, and